Live Radio:Taiwan ✕ Southeast Asia 10.15 (Sat.) - 10.16 (Sun)|15:30 - 18:30|Athena Books  3F

Fotobook DUMMIES Day site-specific project LIVE Radio: Taiwan ✕ Southeast Asia, invites photography practitioners and bookmakers across Taiwan and Southeast Asia to talk about their new photobooks at the fair.

How to make a photobook? What is a photobook? How to read a photobook? Everything about photography and the book will be shared and discussed with the audience on the weekend during Fotobook DUMMIES Day #3 ! 

On Saturday, we have the fresh out new book, Comfort book for nervous children made by Singaporean independent publisher and artist, Lee Chang Ming, and artist Dennes Victoria from Manila. Following up, we have Singapore-based art publisher Temporary Press and their beautifully made black and white risograph book Microscopic Images. Afterward, we invite you to dive and explore the secret world under the Jianguo expressway in Taipei with Bridge Hole. The last one is the collaborative project, Relics Magazine presented by Mulu office and artist Ni Jui-Hung. 

Sunday's live session will open with artist Fan Chon Hoo talking about his take on culture and visual study in Georgia town and zine Biro Kaji Visual George Town as his exhibition catalog. Coming next, Shao Yen who just established a concept store in his hometown in Yilan brings the new book of his brand, Trace, a collaborative work with photographers Li Yue-Ling, Tsai Chou-Ming, Tang Cheng-Chih alongside poet Wu Wei-Ting. We are going to read The Thorns River together with guest host Zhuang Wubin. The dummy book is presented by Hanyu Chen, a photography practitioner based in Tainan, and is a work of a series of images from Indonesia. At the end of the day, Zhuang Wubin, the author of Photography in Southeast Asia: A Survey, will reveal his perspective as a photobook editor,  talking about the process of editing two photobooks lately - Young Love and WE WERE FARMERS

LIVE Radio only happens on-site, eliminating the boundary of the screen, and bringing real-life conversations and physical books exclusively to you. Y'all are invited to join a photobook chat and hang out with us on the weekend!