Publish O
Collaborative Project

Selected Mediums; Taiwan Convenience Store Printing Machine Limited Edition ; Fotobook DUMMIES Day selects and edits.

Everyone has gone through the pains of having to roam around aimlessly in search for a printing shop at least once in their lives, right? The output is crucial, for it pretty much determines the quality and disposition of the book.

Inspired by a Taiwanese way of life in which convenience stores located around every corner as “innovative printing stations for a new generation of creation”. Thus, Fotobook DUMMIES Day invited artists to submit 6 images printed from a local convenience store. From your own portfolios? Sure. A collage? OK. Photocopies of a pornographic manga? Alright. Even if you want to put something bought right at the store in the printer, it’s all fine and dandy.

Publish O is Fotobook DUMMIES Day’s first collaborative project to be edited and duplicated right on location of our first photobook fair collaborated with all the participating artists.

44 pages
14.8cm x 21cm
Clip bound
First edition 40 copies
Published by Fotobook DUMMIES Day
Printed at convenient store in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan
May 2018

Special Thanks: Hui-Hsin Chang / Archi Chang / Tzu Ching Lien / Hsu Chiyu / Luke Lim / Wei Hsinyen / Hong YuChen / Han Teng / AUSH / Teikoukei / Eden Lai (W.O.B) / Nai Wen Hsu / Amos Chu / Self Chen / Hao-ting Yang / Shauba Chang / Lin Chiawen / Liu Chao-tze / Lin Junye / Etang Chen / Toxic Weed / YoyYay / Why Z Clan / Diamond Drain Cover / Ni Jui-Hung